I always get stuck with lousy CDs

The computer stores around are full of many brands of CD-Rs, however I have no idea what is the real manufacturer of those CDs until I buy them, and when I do I somehow always get stuck with poor-quality CDs.
A few months ago I bought a large pack of CDs which were made by “Multimedia Masters & Machinery SA” - From almost none of which I could read everything that I burned on. Now I’ve got a Philips pack, actually manufactured by CMC Magnetics, a firm that has a very poor reputation.
I’d like some help in how to find those high-quality CD-Rs. I cannot find an up-to-date list of brand. Even the lists I can find - I don’t think the models on those lists were ever sold around here.
Have you got any suggestions? :sad:

you could try TDK or Verbatim or Emtec. if you can find them. are you sure the problem is the discs ? because i have used all sorts of brands of CD-Rs and never had trouble reading data from them…even with no-brand generic CD-Rs from kmart.

This is not bullet proof, and like ghosters, I’ve had little trouble with even “cheap” cd-r’s. When buying, regardless of brand name, look where they were made. If china…probably cmc…ie crap…if taiwan…eh crapshoot…if japan…not bulletproof…but probably good media…:slight_smile:

Good luck