I almost blew IT

Hello there,

I almost blew it today. I saw these at newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817607060 Holly crap MIJ TY BD-R for $50! I was going to order 200 but I checked the manufacture product page. LTH… turd, I will save my money.

Holy JEBUS! :eek::eek:

Nice catch mrloren. Hey, they might be playable for a few minutes, but you can do better.

What a shame!

They don’t even mention that these are LTH discs… :frowning:

I just took a look at NE’s ad. Wow. Leave it to Vinpower/Optical Quantum to give you less than you were hoping for :rolleyes:. Be interesting to see when the reviews start rolling in.

Are all LTH discs total crap, or are some decent ?

The French gov’t completed a study that was strongly critical of LTH disks. (I think there’s another thread about this subject, too, with a bit more of the study translated.)

I don’t know if all LTH media is crap. When I got my first burner a year ago I didn’t know that LTH was junk so I got some Verb LTH on sale @ Fry’s, I backed up all 20 BD-R’s and only two coasters. I just watched one of the backup’s over the weekend with no problem. So the jury is out for me with the LTH media. For the same cost or cheaper I can get Imation BD-R 25 pack on sale @ Fry’s for around $12 or Smart Blu for $20 for a 25 pack. With that being the price point I am not going to roll any dice on LTH. Now if this was about $25 for the 50 pack I might just play and see.