I added a IDE drive as storage, and it won't boot from Sata

I have a friend with a Medion computer. I use it for from time to time, and he added a new HD.

m3 composer model
Its decent. 3.0 ghz with HT
1.5 gig of ram.
PCI express vid vard(although its a geforce 6200 ugh)

his current HD is a 160gig WD SATA drive.

The new HD i added is a 160 gig IDE Maxtor.

I can get it to detect n’ stuff. But When i goto the bios (bios sucks supreme ass) it doesn’t let me boot from sata. It justs says hard drive.

Of all the bootable options, I can boot from a flash card but not the sata drive.

I have the IDE is slave mode, and it still trys to boots from it. (no OS on this)

Do i have to reflash the bios with something that is not retarded, or am i the one that is retarded?

(I have flashed bios’ before)

I had the same problem. Seems that the majority of motherboards like to boot off of IDe instead of SATA. I just put the HD in an external enclosure using firewire. Works great that way.

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Can’t you just turn SATA on in bios? Nose around in your bios some more :wink:

Also look for a boot menu option during POST.

during boot i have the big ass intel sign. Also sata was never disabled, just that ide has priority over sata(retarded)

and as far as i can nose around it in. nothing can change that.

Could i buy a ide to sata adaptor. then i could but it in a slave position to the main sata.

provide the motherboard model and ill have a look at the manual , it should defintly be possible to put the sata first

its a ms-7067 ver:1

with intragraded sata card, for 4 different sata things. looks like a via chipset.

A possible work-around would be to re-install in the current configuration, directing Windows to install on the SATA drive. Windows will diligently place it’s boot files on the IDE, then install to the SATA. This does, of course, put you in the position of not being able to remove the IDE drive, and your OS will puke if either drive fails. Although, a repair install would fix it if you moved or replaced the IDe drive.

i had a look at the manual and it doesnt contain much bios info,at least i discoverd its an award/award-phoenix bios , so it should be in…


integrated peripherals–>on-chip serial ata
set to “enhanced mode”


peripherals–>on-chip serial ata
set to “enhanced mode”

actually its an intel chipset (848P)

I have an MS-6763 Intel 848P OEM board in a Packard Bell with Phoenix Award BIOS. These are the settings I use to boot from SATA HD:

Advanced BIOS Features -> Hard Disk Boot Priority -> 1. Ch0 M. Maxtor 6L160M0

Integrated Peripherals -> OnChip IDE Device -> On-Chip Serial ATA [[B]Legacy Mode[/B]] & Serial ATA Port1 Mode [[B]Primary Master[/B]]

P.S. There should be only two SATA ports on that board. It looks identical to mine, except it’s S775 vs. S478.

it has 4, i’ll try it tomorrow, let you know how it goes. ty for the help!

4 SATA ports and PCI-Express can’t be on the i848P chipset mobo you mentioned, so disregard my BIOS references.

Rofl sorry i had to go out of town. the motherboard is a ms-7046(not a 7047) ver 1.

arg. i looked around for what could be similar things to the one you mentioned, but its all worded different, and it didn’t help get it to stop trying to boot from the IDE.

Here’s a link to the manual:

On Page 3-15 in the BIOS Setup section there’s a setting called SATA Port which influences the boot sequence.

The only way around this is to put the HD in an external enclosure.

davevshal, continue with the guidance you got from Cressida. :iagree:

pfloyd1, then it will be even trickier for BIOS to make HDD to boot…

The PATA/SATA setup options look a bit weird as well, so make sure to try them all. I find it hard to believe you wouldn’t be able to boot from SATA with a PATA HD connected on an Intel mobo…