Hyundai "Taiyo Yuden" in europe!

DVD-R 4,7 Go Hyundai 8x Speed in cakebox 25 pack for only 9.99 € at

Media code/Mfr ID
TYG02 :eek:

I don’t know if it’s a fake. :confused:

ok FAKE (I don’t find were is the button delete in editpost :/)

Read this thread. They are fake.

I wonder how often I wrote this in the last few days.

Damn it’s really hard to find real TY media in europe :confused:

Why? Read this thread. It’s about the cheapest offer of genuine Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media in Europe atm. (Fuji branded).

I know this offer, great price indeed.
But I live in france 20 € for Postal charges it’s a lot !

I listed a couple of alternative sources for TY media in Europe here. If you are not willing to pay the high shipping costs of Xcitek (ordering there only makes sense if you order a lot (at least a couple of spindles), maybe you can find an acceptable alternative there.

Thank you !