Hyundai media with TY MIDs, Fake?

Hyundai DVD Media? Who made it and it is good like the hyundai car?

I found it on What’s the quality? I want to try some,may I?

It looks not bad. :bow:

Given the price, I wouldn’t bother. Ritek DVD-R is cheaper and there is more info to back up the reliability. Go to and check out the prices on 50 packs of Ritek/Ridata DVD-R. Once you factor in shipping costs it is a few $ cheaper than the Hyundai. As for the Hyundai cars being good. . . .um. . . .what mechanics have you been talking to? :eek:

EDIT BTW here is the link:

LOL it seems that Hyundai has not tested its media with the latest DVDRW drives :slight_smile: if you look at the compatibility chart here there are the not-so-new LG GSA-40818 and the LiteOn SOHW-812!!

EDIT: ? Is it a site which sells cigarettes ? :stuck_out_tongue: Yes of course the DVD-Rs have to be burnt!! :bigsmile:

Rdgrimes has advised against buying at meritline for reasons he does not wish to disclose on this forum. In other words: be careful or look elsewhere for media…

These discs were reported to have Taiyo Yuden MID codes from someone over at CDRLabs.
I’m not yet sure if they are authentic, since the packaging does not explicitly state “Made in Japan”.

As a customer appreciation gift, Meritline/CDRDVDRMedia includes with every purchase an extra-large tube of Anal-Ease lubricant and an extra-large marital aide.

They aren’t good. :frowning:

If it is the 8x ones that someone reported then it is more than likely that they are fakes. Let’s face it, 8x DVD-R with TYG02 IDs are a dime a dozen lately. :wink: Anyways, I agree that is not the most reliable site to order from in the US. Incidentally, Meritline, allmediaoutlet and Supermediastore are all the same company. I haven’t heard a whole bunch of complaints about meritline (except from here) but I have heard quite a few about Supermediastore and so that makes me warry of ordering from any of these 3 since they are all connected. I have to say that in the US, and have provided the best service (not to mention they are much quicker at processing orders than the other three sites).

No, they’re not.
Supermediastore is part of Linkyo corp, and is not the same company as meritline.
I have seen many users complain about meritline and fake media obtained at meritline.
Supermediastore does not sell fake media.

Linkyo Corp = and

Proof Please…

I haven’t ordered from rima, so I can’t comment there, but Meritline & Supermedia store (I have ordered from both) both ship the next business day as most companies do, however, they provide their shipment notifications the next day, making it seem slow, whereas newegg provides more real time information.

Then why there is always meritline among us (the ads up there). Newcomers would think that CDFreaks support Meritline (or the other way around?).

It is merely advertising, no more no less. So the adds just pay the bill for
In Holland we also have a cdfreaks media webshop, but they only sell extremely low-end media like SKS, Princo, Mitsui and so on…kinda strange for a site that is always on the lookout for even better cd/dvd write quality don’t you think? :confused:

I’ll tell you, this Hyundai is the worst crap I’ve used…it won’t play on set-top players.

Yet another example of fake media at meritline.
Hyundai media using fake TY MID.
It’s the question.

Good question. I don’t think anyone has tested those discs. It’s actually possible, IMO, that they could be genuine (remember Samsung T01s?).

But its not the typical TY cakebox.

Hyundai media is fake/poor quality media.

Honestly Wesociety I haven’t seen ANYTHING on them; you have (or know of) any scans or such? To zevia, Fujifilm sells T02s in 25-disc spindles that use standard cakeboxes, so that’s not always the telling factor.

Fuji 25 pcs spindles come in the same cakebox as well, so this doesn’t matter.

But Hyundai isn’t known for being an official TY partner (yet?). And since Nierle is well known for selling fake TY media (e.g. the Bulkcrap TYG02s just recently), I tend to agree with wesociety.

Good price though, may worth a try for those willing to take the risc. I got my genuine Fuji YUDEN000T02s for ~3 EUR more (a spindle), as written in this thread. I rather pay a bit more and get the real stuff guaranteed.