Hyundai and Mitsui!


my brother just bought some Hyundai CD-R and he gave me the ID it was like this :

Material = Phthalocyanine
Manufacturer maybe = Mitsui Chemicals, Inc

so is that real Mitsui !! ? shell i stop using TY and Mitsubishi and use Mitsui ?


All Hyundai media is made by infosmart. Now if they use Mitsui’s pigment and have a agreement with good old mitsui. I don’t know however infosmart reputation suggested they just borrowed another code.

thanks alot i will try to get my hand of one of these cds and make some test.

So how is the quality ?
My expectations are not that high when Infosmart is involved.
Ohh and I forgot to anwer one part of your question.
I wouldn’t recommend Mitsui over TY and Mitsubishi.

If it were about 6years ago I would have said go get some more Mitsui CD-Rs but now I would say hands off them and better get some TY or Mitsubishi