I bought some of these and found from this forum that everyone says they’re crap.

I have burnt > 20 with NERO using my NEC ND-3550A. I Always “verify” the burn afterwards and I have never had an error.

I have seen elsewhere people using DVDINFOpro to check disc qualities. I also know they’re fake. Mine says they’re made by verbatim.

Are you people saying that they burn with errors, because I haven’t found one yet, or that they will deteriorate over time and start to error. Is this what the disc quality gives you in DVDINFOpro?

I mainly use them for DVD video and DIVX files. Should I ditch my remaining blanks? I’ve just order 8X Verbatim instead, but I’m wondering if I should copy the Hyundai copies I’ve burnt to my new Verbatims?

Thanks in advance

I’d copy the data on the Hyundais over to the Verbatim discs when you get them.

Personally, I’d worry about how long the data would remain intact if left on the Hyundai discs, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Seeing as how Hyundai is one of the many confirmed labels that uses faked media IDs, I wouldn’t trust a damn thing to them unless it was something you were only going to use a couple of times before tossing it.

I’ve seen at least one post in this forum that wasn’t entirely anti-Hyundai. :eek:

But I agree, I mean…you have to wonder about a manufacturer that has to fake MIDs…

DVDINFOpro says that they are made by verbatim because this fake data has been burned onto the dvd. This data is a MID code and can easily be copied.

The problem is that a disc that is identified as an MCC (verbatim) disc but actually isn’t. The burner thinks that its MCC and burns it how it would burn an MCC disc. This usually causes errors as the disc isnt being burned how it is meant to be (cause its not an MCC disc).

All discs contain errors such as PIE and PIF. But these can be corrected as long as there isnt too many of them. Fake media usually has much higher error rates. While this won’t always make the disc unreadable it can cause the read speed to drop back, which may cause problems when playing a DVD.

Its all about luck, some burners really like fake media and burn them well, whereas others give terrible results.

Another problem with fake media is that the media is almost always poor quality.

Try to only buy named brands such as TY and Verbatim (the real verbatim). Dont just buy discs cause they are cheap. They will be more expensive in the long run.

These Hyundai dvd media is just another faked stuff.
You can burn them successfully like most all other media regardless how crappy they are as long as you have a good burner.
But such fakes are a real bad idea for valuable data and stuff you wanna store for more than a month.

In the end, you’ll maybe lose the data and pay twice nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone for their advice.

Just ordered verbatim DVD+R 8x. I usually buy these but saw the Hyundai’s and thought I’d give them a go, but leant a valuable lesson, cheap means crap !!! LOL!

So am I right in assuming then that these fake discs are poor quality and even though they burn OK and give no read errors, over time the die deteriorates and they start to error.

Yes - much sooner than proper branded Verbatim’s

More info on Hyundai here :

The key post in that thread is post #9. If you read nothing else, just read that one.