Hypertuning & RW disks

Might be expect to see hypertuning for RW anytime soon? (I ask since I use quite a bit of RW, and these disks have been causing me some difficulty in an existing burner, so looking for a new one)
Does anyone know if Benq/Philips “solidburn” has this?

No, Benq does not have this; and I doubt there will be such a thing because of the few strategies implemented the drive will have few options to choose from and if it picks a wrong strategy it could compromise irreversible the media. And while a R media coaster is not a problem a RW coaster is few times as expensive.

So what’s liteon’s history like for issuing new firmware (for the media codes) over the medium long term say 3 years? (RW is quite important to me as I use it for offloadingTV recording)

I suggest to buy a unit who is capable to write properly RW media you use. Read the reviews here, I’m positive you will find the proper unit.

Honestly, just forget about that.
Anyone who tries to overspeed RW media will see drive and or media into pieces in the end… :rolleyes:
Besides, Benq burners are known to give weak results in case of RW media.