Hypermedia timeout errors

I have a hypermedia 52x24x52x cd writer i am using in a machine with windows 98, and 512 MB Ram. I was buring cd’s fine for several months until i recently started receiving a error like “SCSI/ATAPI timeout”. It happens after any write testing and cache processes, usually in a random location - it just freezes up.

I thought maybe it was the burner, but i put in another burner i had and it did the same thing. Ive tried switching media, writing at different speeds (which get the simulation to work but not the actual burn), making sure the cd writer is in DMA mode in the properties and closing other applications, like norton live protection.

I also seemed to have trouble copying from a disk in a burner - it reads that it it there, but seems to “pause” during copying or burning, then errors.


I have a hypermedia 48x24x48 cd burner. Are there any updates or new driver I need to install?