Hyper noob question! DW1620 Region Counter




I bought an dw1620 OEM and flashed it to dw1620 b7p9rpc1 successfuly!
My doubt regards the region change counter on windows. I played with dvdregionkiller and windvd one region 1 DVD movie.

So far so good and windows changed the region info in the drive properties tab to the acording region. After a reboot the region was unset in the properties tab and i had 3 changes left???!!!

Is it ok? Will my drive lock in a region?
Are there any tips to multiregion playing?



There’s a host of “region” posts here, do a search.

There’s “region free” firmware, but as I understand it that’s only the first part of the story. Windows will also have to be convinced, but you can make the setup “region free” if you want.

In part, though, it may mean using a hacked firmware - and that’s a personal judgement. It voids warranty technically, but if you can flash back to a genuine firmware before a warranty claim, they may not notice (and depending on the problem, they may not care - or know).

You might do well to find a firmware hack for a reader only, if you have a stand alone - to keep your cutting drive “clean” - otherwise you might fall behind in firmware versions at a time when you need an update.


Just grab the Videolan player and don’t bother with firmware hacking…
It works great for me!