Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycles Just Around the Corner



A British firm showed off a hydrogen-powered motorbike to the USA Tuesday. Intelligent Energy hopes to begin selling it late next year. It could be priced at about $6,000 once mass production of about 10,000 units begins, the company says.

While attention has been focused on developing pollution-free hydrogen-powered cars, Intelligent Energy and some others have turned instead to two-wheeled transportation.

Full Story Can Be Found @ USAToday


When they make the Harley version, and if it still sounds like a Harley, I’ll be game… :iagree:




A 450 cc step through scooter cost that much and more.


Hm. 800cc 4-wheel cars cost US$5,000. China should start making such bicycles and sell for US$500.


The Kia Rio with no a/c sells for $6000-$7000USD


I don’t know what Rio is for South Korean domestic market but it seems like 1,000 to 1,3000 cc with at least one air bag.