Hydravision & wonder remote - help?

today i got a new graphics card(ati radeon 256mb 9800xt). with it came a software disk, but i cant get the catalyst drivers to install. i got them from www.ati.com along with .nrt framework 2.0 & catalyst package. it installs the catalyst drivers, .net 2.0, & catalyst control centre. on the disk is h.264 video software decoder, & wonder remote. what is catalyst control centre, wonder remote, h.264 video software video decoder, & something called ati hydravision. can anyone tell me what i need to download & what these are/do? Thanks

You probably only need to install the driver, and you might not even need to do that. I guess the driver is what Radeon calls catalyst, I don’t remember. The other stuff may be kewl, but it also may be buggy. I had hydravision installed once. I don’t remember what it did, but I do remember reminding myself not to install it again.

I have a Radeon 9250 card and I love it. It’s not a gamer’s card but it works well for me. I didn’t have to install anything. XP already had a driver for it and it’s solid as a rock.

Windows Update may have a “hardware” update for the driver. I wouldn’t touch any hardware update with a ten foot pole, unless I was having problems. I did that once, and I had to uninstall it.

after i installed the drivers etc, i tried to install a 2.1gb ata hard drive i got from an old pc. it tried to boot the 2.1gb’s operating service(windows xp) instead of the 250gb’s one(windows xp). i then eventually recieved an error:cannot find device file. the windows registry or system.ini file refers to this device file but no longer exists. then it says:c:\progra~1
orton~1\savrt.vxd i took the 2.1gb out & tried to boot like i normally do every day, but it just wouldnt boot. i eventually recieved a blue screen & error message:DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. ANY IDEA WHAT WENT WRONG? i cant boot my normal drive & it has everything stored on it. i ended up putting windowsxp on the 2.1gb hdd & it eventually recognized both hard drives. it then booted normally(the 2.1gb not the main 250gb. when i go to my computer both hard drives are there. is there a way to find out the file thats missing & even trandfer it to the 250gb from the 2.1gb??? ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED AS IM SO CLOSE TO THROWING THE FULL THING OUT THE WINDOW. THANK YOU

First of all, trying to boot up an XP install that was installed on another computer generally won’t work because XP tailors itself to the hardware when it installs.
I guess you can do a “repair type” install, A.K.A. “in place upgrade” to make it work.

Now, to the important stuff. I don’t know what went wrong with the install on your big drive. If you never booted successfully after you installed the new video card, I guess that somehow messed you up. You could try booting in safe mode. If that doesn’t work, maybe you should remove the new video card temporarily.

If necessary you could try the “repair type” install. I have a complete XP install CD that I bought myself, and this is the method I use. If you bought your computer from one of the big guys, (Dell, HP, etc.) then there might be another method using a supplied repair disc.

Here’s instructions on the repair install, but hopefully your problem is something simple, and you won’t have to do this:

i tried to boot up in safe mode, but that was when i got the blue screen. it installs some drivers, then i get the blue screen & the error message, DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. i also tried last known good configuration, & boot windows normally. i removed the graphics card & the 2.1gb hard drive, but still nothing. i have the original windows xp disk & tried to do a repair, but i dont understand some of it. if i knew what i was looking for & what to type in the repair console, then i would be able to do it. sigh, but i dont. any help is really appreciated. THANK YOU

if i try the repair install, will i lose all my games, music, programs etc?? thanks

Normally you won’t lose anything by doing the repair, but there are no guarantees. The one thing you don’t want to do is format the disk.

I can only tell you about repair when using a regular XP install CD. I’m not familiar with the recovery procedure used in the store bought computers.

With the normal XP install CD, you boot up and immediately it will ask “Repair or Install”. Here you choose install. Later it should see the original install and ask if you want to try to repair it. Say yes. If you have a recovery CD from HP or Dell, you would need to ask them.

The best protection against losing things is to have a backup.

You could boot up the small drive with the big drive as the second drive. Then copy the important stuff to DVDs or CDs. This would include programs, pictures, passwords, product keys etc.

Another possibility is to buy another big drive, install XP there, plug in the existing big drive as the second drive, and get what you need from it.