Hybrid hard disks buy time for standard hard drive design



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Whilst we all think of flash memory as relatively slow compared to the main RAM memory in our computers, it’s easy to forget that it’s still considerably faster than the top flight hard disks. Over…

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Put the entire freakin operating system and system files on the flash portion FCOL ! Its an obvious performance enhancement. For these new hybrib drives they should make them allow the user to reserve a portion of the flash memory (6 - 10 GB would do it) for the O/S files, swap file & system files. All they need to do is allow the user to partition a portion of flash as the C: drive and the rest comes out in the wash when you install Windows! Hello manufacturers, listenting ?!


It would be easier to learn programming once again. Who need those 1 GB operating systems ??? What do you really use in your 10 GB windows system directory !!! Do some debugging, some tracing and well learn what I say. Have these “developers” ever heard of ASM or any low level language other than their so beloved Visual Studio or shit like that ? Remember almost everything can be done with proper programming, and it takes less space, less memory and works faster. Of course it has to be programmed once, BUT it should pay in the end. Of course then we would not need Windows Blabla every second year… regards, Stephen


Agreed operatingsystems could be smaller. But I still think this is the future, 20-30Gb memory / flash drives. They are so much faster. But if hybrid harddrives will be the future I don’t know. I think we will have both. One main memory (flash) drive and a second standard harddrive for storage. I don’t think the hybrid drives will make it.