Hybrid Car?

I am getting ready to buy another car now. When gas prices were $4 plus, I was really thinking about buying a hybrid. Now with gas prices back down to $2 or less, should I.

I understand the environment situation, however with the cost of a hybrid being $5k plus more, I will never make the money back over the life of the 4-5 years I am going to keep the car.

So any feedback of your experience owning a hybrid, or why I should or shoulnt would be appreciated.

I would get a good quality small normal car especially if you don’t have the extra money just to feel properly green. The batteries probably only have a short life, maybe 5 years, if it’s anything like the ones in my UPS’s, then you spend big bucks replacing them. They also get better mileage in town because they can run the electric motor below about 25 MPH, then go to gas above that and then it’s just another small gas powered car.
I don’t think you’ll recoup the extra cost at this point, plus who knows what kind of funny extra maintenance they might require besides maybe needing new batteries after a while.
I bought a 95 Neon from my little sister, she bought it new, I paid 1500 and have driven it for around 4 years with few problems and it gets 19 mpg in town and about 30 on the free way. I can fix it myself, parts are everywhere, and if it finally blows up terminally at this point I’ve all ready got my moneys worth.
My Dart got 10 to 11 MPG and is getting worth to much to daily drive, and parts are scarce now as well. I had to fill it up once a week at around 10 gallons at half a tank used. The Neon takes 11 gallons total and I drive it to work 2 weeks before I have to refill it.