HW SATA questions

I am considering a large SATA II drive. I was planning on installing a PCI SATA controller as my MB is ide.

Should I just do a SATA to IDE bridge($9)? a SATA 150 PCI card($15) or a SATA 300 PCI card $40?

I don’t want a new motherboard just yet, but want to invest in a 500gb SATA over IDE so I could move it to new PC one day possibly.

i’d just get an ide drive, if that’s all your motherboard has.

your next computer will have a PATA connection, too, it’s not going anywhere

i’ve seen 500GB PATA drives at compusa for as low as $79.99 out the door.

Keep an eye out.

Good point about ide not going away or did I see that one mb maker was phasing it out.

Well, if you HAVE to go SATA, i’d get a controller. Even if it’s just a SATA1.0 one.

I would never recommend an adapter

I just bought a Dell as a backup machine, no IDE on that as far as I know (haven’t cracked the case yet).

We resell Dell Optiplex 745s by the dozens. We have to put DVD-rws in some of them, and I know it doesn’t accept IDE because we had to but SATA DVD-RW for $100 from CDW when we first went to the 745 from the 620. I still don’t think CDW has afordable SATA DVDWRs. Newegg has them for $30. Our purchaser always forgets to add them to the dell order.

It is so stupid that companies and governments insist on buying from higher priced retailers over New Egg. Also our purchaser thinks that samsung, aopen, NEC, and liteon are not repuatble brands.

I meant to ask that SATA 300 drives are compatable with SATA 150 cards? Just like IDE 133 was with 66 and 100?

Most of the time, yes, they’ll operate fine on SATA 1.5 controllers without any tweaks as long as the controller supports the full SATA standard. Also, many new SATA 3.0 drives can be jumpered to operate in pure SATA 1.5 mode to sidestep compatibility issues on non-compliant controllers.

You’ll should be fine if you buy a controller card that doesn’t use a VIA or SiS chip. Or if you buy a drive that can be jumpered to SATA 1.5 mode.

hardly notice the difference between SATA 1.5gb and SATA 3.0

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