HW Cataclysm

Dear community!

Please accept apologies for pointing out a problem which obviously has already been treated in the past. Being a complet newbie, I didn’t understand what those experts mean (read subs, hide cdr media,…). At least I figured out that a running copy of Homeworld Cataclysm (Securom) can be easily made (which is my concern) - however that’s still too difficult for me. I own two Plextors, a DVD/CD reader PX-116A2 and a DVD/CD writer PX-712A and usually run Nero SE. Already made several images, and burned them to CD, using different options (Data-CD, userdefined with and without read errors …) getting totally confused at the end, so I decided to take that way.

Many thanks for your kind help, nD.

Nero cannot be used to copy protected games. Download and read this guide to help you further!

Wecome NothaDavid,

creating a backup of this game which is using SecuROM isn’t a big deal. As Ocky posted Nero ‘won’t’ do the job (I’m not quite sure about this as it also can handle older SafeDisc versions) and downloading the cdfreaks offline help will open your mind :p. You may try BlindWrite, CloneCD or Alcohol all of them will do the job easily.

Thank your for your great help, that was a real nice welcome, and - yes, I made it!

So I feel totally motivated right now, however, my next task appears to be a challenge. Spellforce (Order of dawn). Yes, already found some messages, but that’s too high for me. People are using some mix of Alcohol and Bliindwrite and Twinpeaks and RMPS and … Surprisingly, I also found out that a mechanism (in Spellforce’s case SecuROM) would be updated to a higher version, when you’re patching a game, which is the usual way to stay happy with an old buy! Therefore all those hints, found in the forum, for a Spellforce 1.03 copy may be completely outdated since it’s now at 1.38!?

Please allow a final question: Emulations, as they are e.g. found in D-tools or Alcohol, do they slow down the game-play itself?

Best, nD.

emulations dont slow the gameplay itself, but somethimes when i have had deamon tools safedisc emulation on the game takes abit longer to start up at the begining :slight_smile:

Thanks. And right in that moment, were I’ve mounted 2 drives with D-tools, I have the strong feeling that some simple Excel-files open very, very slowly … (Of course, I cannot confirm the logic behind that, there might be other reasons.)

Hello again!

Unfortunately my expectations were too high…, so please find here a more detailed description of my findings:

  1. The production of the Cata image and the CD:

On a PC#1 with Win2000pro using a Samsung SC152C for reading and a Plextor PX1210A for writing. The approach was that one recommended in the cdfreaks’ tutorial (thanks again).

  1. Success:

On a PC#2 again with Win2000pro. Cata was installed from the original CD and can be run from the produced CD, using some generic no-name DVD/CD drive and it can be run from the image which is managed by the D-tools. So that’s great!

  1. Failure:

On a PC#3, however, using WinXPpro. Cata, again installed from the original CD, does not run from the produced CD. Trying that, it fails from a writer PX-712A and it fails from a reader PX-116A2. That’s too bad because PC#3 is my actual concern, which should be run using a safe Cata copy. (I’ve not yet tested the image option.)

  1. Assumptions: I suppose the problem touches the system software. Win2000pro (on PC#1 and 2) doesn’t have a problem, while Cata is quite a moody thing on XP systems (which is a well-known fact). That means that even if I’m using the original CD, I cannot launch Cata from the reader PX-116A2, it only runs from the writer PX-712A)

Any ideas to get PC#3 into working with a Cata CD copy? Thanks for reading all that stuff as well as for potential help, best nD

Nero can be used to copy very basic protections, like Ilegal TOC.

Thanks for the hint! However, to come back to point 1) of my last message, it goes without saying, that the Cata copy had been produced by some alternative program. In my case it was CloneCD using the settings given in the tutorial. -

If you hide ATIP on PC#3, it should run in the PX-712A.
If even the original doesn’t work in the PX-116A2, then i assume there’s an incompatibility between securom and the PX-116A2 and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Plextor Tools has its own unblacklisted ‘Hide CD-R Media’ function.

doc: hide ATIP on PC#3 How can that be done? After some search it appears that I have to activate a corresponding CloneCD option. Checked CloneCD but didn’t find this option, maybe it had been automatically embedded by making use of the SecuROM.ccp taken from the tutorial. Additionally, I feel unsure at which time such an activation has to be made: for writing the image or for writing the CD. Further, a certain forum message confused me, since, regarding that ATIP thing, somebody recommended not to activate it.

merther: So I’ll install my PlexToolsPro utilities (which came with the 712A) Hope, it’s not too intrusive to ask, where the Hide CD-R Media function can be found in these utilities.

Thanks to both of you.