Hurting My Burner

Hi all,

2 weeks ago my PC turned off while my Pioneer A07 DVD Burner was still out, one of my friends slowly pushed it in (while the PC Remained turned off). It didn’t look in, so I quickly turned on my PC and then it clicked it self in.

I know that I should of pushed my friend away and just turned my PC back on and then clicked the close button, but I was sure he knew what he was doing as he is computer tech. But I am asking, if pushing your drive in while your PC is off, does any damage?



NOPE, I do it if I forget to eject a CD from the PC after I switch it off.

Just think, that’s why they put the hole just below the tray, so u can eject it with no power.


Should not cause any problems at all, but in a few cases you may not be able to close the tray 100% by just pushing it.