Hurry up US folk and get the 3540!



I was wondering why there were so few postings about this new drive, but of course the USA is still waiting on the drive to be on sale over there. Once it is I expect to see a sudden spurt of 3540 postings :slight_smile:


I don’t know do you think it looks as promising as the 1640?


Well the 1640 has better scanning but not sure about burns as I have not looked at that burner. I like the 3540 results so far since the firmware mods by Liggy & Dee.


What I can tell the NEC 3540 is just a small upgrade step in speed for some media, I think its the same as 3520 just a new number and some small hardware revisions probably.

Should be great, im getting on this week since my Pioneer DVR-109 was a total bust, it was DOA and total crap compared to my old Pioneer DVR-106

Quality first please :smiley: