Hurricane Isaac

Is anyone in the area where Isaac is currently doing its thing? It seems such a bad situation, where you just hope nature won’t do too much damage. Being in the Netherlands I probably don’t have a clue how it is, but it seems so scary!

Maybe 50cm of rain today… maybe only 40. It’s not like North Atlantic residents can’t relate to this, with 100km winds. At least it’s not 2c. (That was my ‘fun weekend’ in Rotterdam, heading up to Haarlem.)

Drizzle Sunday, rain today.

No wind to speak of.

I’m in Pennsylvania 80-ish miles N-NW of Philadelphia
Or about 115miles due west of New York City.

I can usually get all the information I need about such storms
by looking HERE:

Of course I don’t generally worry about wind even though
I’m on a southwest facing slope (facing the prevailing wind)
because the hilly terrain tends to break up the worst of it.

And because I’m on a hill, very near the crest of it if I get flooded here
it’s because the continent sank. I’m 1100ft above Sea Level and 600feet
above the nearest significant water, the Lehigh River.