Hurricane Irene

I’d just like to wish all the families in America struggling with the aftermath of hurricane Irene well.

It can be a very difficult time coping with the loss of property or even worse loss of life.

I suppose the one saving grace is that the storm wasn’t as bad as was originally expected but that can be a bitter comfort to those badly affected.

Even so, at this particular moment in time 4.5 million homes have been affected by power cuts and at least eleven people have been confirmed dead.

I know I’m far removed from this here in the UK but it’s all over the news here and I’d just like to let everyone know that we’re all thinking about you, even from far across the pond.



I’ve been thinking about our US forum members since it was first announced on the news here, and though like Wombler says, we’re all the way over here across the pond, I think of us here as one big family :slight_smile:

You’re in our thoughts, guys :flower:

Thanks for the good thoughts. IMO, this hurricane was somewhat over hyped by our media. It didn’t live up to its billing in most places. It looks like the hardest hit area was the coastline of North Carolina where it came ashore. My nephew lives there and they had some trees go down and lost a few gutters off the house. After landfall it dissipated quite a bit. I would say more damage came from excessive rainfall because the storm was slow moving and lingered over a given area for several hours.

Well we all wish the easterners in the States our best,it’s a far drive from where I am .I do think the news builds it up far to much ,but who knows how bad it might become.

I chalk it up to the phrase “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” It looks like hope won out over preparation this time.

Some news 21 deaths

There are now over 35 deaths. I would not say over hyped by our media but just way overboard with talking about it. along with just making up things like having people stand it water to report on it like I really care if he standing water. Showing some Politician talking forever about what they are doing to prepare. On and on with just anything to keep the story going 24 hours a day. I got so tired of it all. Well maybe that is over hyped

thanks, Irene: Hurricane puts stop to thousands of weddings

I wonder how many will now not get married?

Last I’ve heard