Hurray! MBI did it AGAIN, crap Verbatim MCC003 media!

I got some 8x MCC 003’s from SVP for my NEC 2500a.

Complete Media Code                           
00000000 01 02 00 00 A1 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3F .............&.?
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 4D 43 43 00 00 00 00 00 30 .......MCC.....0
00000020 30 33 00 38 23 54 37 12 02 42 6E 02 A8 6B 15 15 03.8#T7..Bn..k..
00000030 0B 0B 08 08 01 19 1B 0C 0C 0C 0D 01 00 00 00 00 ................     

This was burned with my NEC2500a at 8x with official 1.0A firmware and read with my DVD-ROM liteon.

I don’t know much about “quality scans” but i can remeber someone saying liteon DVD-ROM’s dont give reliable answers compared to DVD-RW liteons but I know that the bench mark is good.

What do you think?

ddvd and opus have no shipping cost for orders over 130€, but I still can’t find reliable +R printable media below 0,5€ so I think that is better to buy weak disk for 0,35€ than same quality for 0,5€.
With all this tests on forum, I can’t trust to Verbatim (or Sony) any more. :eek: :sad:

It’s true that DVD-ROM drives aren’t overly accurate and should not be used if you have a burner to test with, but if you have no other options they’ll typically give you a reasonable idea of the burn quality. Between your transfer rate test and PI/PO test, it looks like the discs are working fine for you. Just don’t try to directly compare your PI/PO scans from your -ROM drive with scans on a DVD burner, the results are much different, in particular the -ROM drive will report much higher PI levels.

kaybing27, try to slow down burning speed (4x), and then run this tests again. send us results again.

Next time i need to burn a DVD i will burn at 4x, i don’t like using media for test purpose you see… bit of a waste to me…

4x eh?? bit unhappy about that as they are 8x rated disks, not like burning a 4x rated at 8x…

we will see…

Thanks guys

I doing that all the time. :wink: Last year I usually burned 4x disks at 2x.

Don’t forget the CD Freaks Shop (5 EURO shipping for orders less than 31.5kg) :wink:

Yes, but what to chose?
BENQ DVD+R 8x white print (50) - MID : DAXXON AZ2 8
Mitsui DVD+R 8x print white (25) - MID: YUDEN000T02 (fake)
Datatrack dvd+r 8x white (25) - MID code: DT-D03 004
Infiniti DVD+R 8x print white (25) - MID code: CMC MAG-E01-000

I would pick a store that offers TY or Verbatim printable :wink:

But if you should pick from those I think it wold be Infiniti or maybe BenQ.

Well, i decided to burn my MCC003’s with a different firmware on my nec-2500a, so i tried the 2510 OEM 2.18 from the TDB site,

My Results burned at 8x

I think its a good burn, it will probably be better than shown cos ive scanned it with a DVD-ROM.

That scan is fine for me, i dont tend to really care aslong as it plays smooth and looks good.



Verbatim Germany found issues with the 8x media - they will now send the media to Japan to get it tested there.


could u please give some reference for the TY - bonding problem - could that explain my obseration that when i use a fixative on TY printables the data side gets star shaped clear segment - foggy segment - clear segment a.s.o. - think 12 or 16 segments - like the fixative (or its solvent) creeps between the layers but only at certain places … and all of them play well after that - but for how long

thx in advance - ahab666

Has anyone tried subbing a FUJIFILM03 strat in for the Verb one when burning MBI discs? Just an idea. I’m betting a lot of the problems people are having are due to the manufacturer using a certain sourced set of discs to tweak a f/w and then the MBI discs needing different params. The MII Verbs may be to their “specs” (or whatever, not buying that Verbatim has ANY standards anymore with their 15-minute runs per manufacturer), but it’s worth a shot.

FWIW, I have no problems burning MBI with the FUJIFILM03 strat in my Pioneer and Lite-On drives. Also, those getting decent results with the MII Verbs might also try Imation 8x on sale at Staples today for $25USD/100pk. Also sold as Staples branded DVD-R and many others. Great results as below. This disc burned at 6x (8x yields similar results). Flat transfer curve in a variety of drives.


I think the same (and Franz99 too).
I’ve recently adressed it in “My first bad Verbatims ever” thread. (see also post #97).
Of course, this is pure speculation.

Again, thank goodness for TY. I’m stocking up. I wonder what a lifetime supply looks like?

:iagree: :iagree: !

I’m stocking up. I wonder what a lifetime supply looks like?
Like a fair amount of lost money :wink: - AFAIK blanks should not be stocked for long before being actually burnt… :confused: - but yes, I know you’re joking :bigsmile:

Actually, I wish I could locate the source and verify my recollection. I read that the max storage life was either 3 years or 7.

TY’s discs can be so crap bonded that you can easilly pull the disc’s a part by by just usseing your hands (I don’t need screwdrivers.). :eek:
ALso some disc’s contain large ammounts of air.
Bad bonded disc’s mean in the end shorter life time. (Diffusionrate of chemicals will be higher.)

Because of the scale I can nog longer recommend TY. (The problem is something at this time with 25% of the TY disc’s I encounter.
This problem was seen on branded (brands: That’s, SONY, FUJI, TDK, Plextor, Verbatim) and unbranded (printable, not printable) disc’s.

(Last one includes a pictur of a FUJI TY disc. From which the layers have been pulled a part.)

Maybe I should put up another picture up with a insane ammount of air up.

You’ll have a hard time on this board with this attitude towards TY… :bigsmile: - good luck! :wink:

Personally I’m also more interested in long-term stability than absolute burning quality, so I’m all ears. What I want for my own collection is not a disc that will play in all drives, but a disc that I can still read in 10 years. But the vast majority here swears by lowest PIE/PIF levels and then goes the “TY, TY, and more TY” choir.

This said, you yourself gave the trick to sort these TY by pressing the central hub area and rejecting those who make a squeaking noise… Would be a good idea to spread this. :slight_smile: - personally I didn’t reach 25% of rejects, only 7 discs out of 125 were suspect. :cool:

Also there is the actual usage of the discs… “bad” bonding will give less trouble with discs that aren’t manipulated much, am I wrong? (each time a disc is retrieved from a DVD-style box/case, physical stress is applied to it if the disc is pulled by the edges BEFORE releasing the central lock, which I’ve seen MANY people do… even myself when I’m in a hurry :o :bigsmile: )

Anyone try subbing a MBI strat in for their MII Verbs yet? I’m not going to waste any money buying them when great results can be had elsewhere (and for less money). Just wondering if it worked.