Hurray! MBI did it AGAIN, crap Verbatim MCC003 media!

Oh god I love Moser Baer India. :a And Verbatim for their sloppy quality control and lack of customer support. :Z

Third time in a few months now that I have got bad Verbatim media from the MBI factory. First time it was Bad MCC02RG20, then it was bad MCC004 and now also bad MCC003.

A recent complaint from a customer on a new Verbatim 8x DVD+R spindle resulted in this.

I go the spindle back to test it myself and here are the results.

Disc serial numbers for the results shown here:

DW1620: 5064 520 +R C C 17440
DW1640: ----same--------17444
ND-3540A: -------same-B 17441

Wow! Thankfully I can never find MBI Verbs anywhere around :bigsmile:


They really have to do something about this MBI problem. :a

Clearly defective.
Ouch !


Forgive my ignorance but if a disk burns that bad does it mean that it will not work or stop working in a short space time, I only ask because I am at the end of a 25 piece box of Indian Verbs. Does this mean all the ones I have burnt are no good, they all work OK, mine are DVD-R so I hope they are OK.

I have no way of checking the burns or disks as I use a Mac…


This would apply to a lot of companies now cutting corners…

But all hope is not lost - A good old EPSON R200, some nice colour templates and an eBay account and you sell those decorative coffee mug holders like hot cakes… All is not lost :slight_smile:

I thought that MBI (and Prodisc and CMC) had stopped making 8x Verbatim media, and that they have moved on to producing 16x media?

Maybe this means that the nice people at Verbatim have been looking through their trash cans looking for discarded media, and then ship that media to unsuspecting customers near the arctic circle? :eek:

Maybe I’m the lucky guy who got all the good Verbatim Made in India (MCC 004) media? Don’t you guys dare try to steal it away from me! :cop:

According to my contact Verbatim Europe still have 8x MCC in stock. +R is MCC003 made in India. -R is TYG02 by Taiyo Yuden (great media).

Thanks for keeping this alive. Just when I get seduced by the rebates and low price I need someone to slap me upside the head and remind me that the quality days of Verbatim are in the past.

So guys, what to order here in good old europe (ned/ger market)? I think about 8x “normal” disks, and 4x or 8x printable +R. I am thinking about printable Mediarange (MCC03), and “normal” Sony -R (SONY08D1), but I found diferent Sony spindle packs. White, and orange. I have no data for orange boxed sony disks. :|?

I just got through another 50pk cakebox of SONY08D1 (retail Sony yellow label/white faced media)… just as good as ever. Burns much better in my Pioneer 108 than my Lite-On 1693s. It’s one of those medias that seems to burn better at 6x or 8x than at 4x, even though it’s clearly rated as 1-8x media. A great choice IMO (assuming it’s not fake or something).

Good luck,

I found this versions of Sony disks:

The last one is +R, but who knows who is recording layer producer.
Or maybe TDK - FUJIFILM03?
Or Philips?

I’m using the 50pk cake version of the leftmost picture you posted. I’m pretty sure that this media is made by Daxon for Sony, but I’m not 100% sure on that. Works great for me… that’s all I care about.


AFAIK the orange- and blue-packaged 100 disc spindles are indeed made by Daxon in Taiwan using Sony dyes, as QuaiBoy mentioned. The 50 disc spindles of the DVD-R (orange) can be made in Japan using Sony dye, presumably by Sony itself, though there seems to be no information about Sony owning an optical media manufacturing plant in Japan.

For the -R 8X, if you can get genuine TYG02 Verbatims from SVP and DigitalPromo at a great price. :slight_smile:

Stay away from the Mediarange. These guys use fake (At least the 16x DVD-R with MCC code looks like infosmart made !!) and lower grade products.

Sony is nice but I’m still not completely confinced about Sony’s longtime performance based on the accelerated ageing tests. They might have solved it or not yet.

About TY these days there bonding is to risky for me to order large stock.
The bonding problems I see do not fall under any brands waranty so far.

TDK - might be a option. The TTH01 version as seen in the scratchguards or printables.

Philips with that packageing so far has been reported as.
8x DVD+R - CMC,MBIL, Infomedia
16x DVD+R - Infomedia
8x DVD-R -FUJFILM03 (RITEK AND MBIL made disc’s.)
16x DVD-R - MCC (made by CMC)*

  • Downside is that they seem to be more expensive as verbatim !!

…and 15€ shiping costs. :frowning:
I will try to chose from ddvd, opus or cdrohlinge24. I need some printable +R for friends and some of nonprintable for my archive. :iagree:

OF course when you buy online, you must buy in quantities… BTW DigitalPromo’s shipping costs are lower I think.

Also there is the customer service… SVP’s is simply fantastic. I prefer to pay a little more for the shipping and have the extra peace of mind. I’ve been bitten by many awful customer services.

If something goes wrong or you don’t like the discs, the online shops usual policy in Europe is that YOU pay for the return of the goods. :a And most of the time they take ages to reply to emails.

Nothing of the sort with SVP, they arrange the return at their cost and always immediatly replace anything you’re not happy with.

Talk about a happy customer… :bigsmile:


Verbatim did actually respond and I’ve sent some samples to the DVD Product manager in Germany. Let’s see if he could give a good answer, or if I’ll hear anything more ever…

At least they didn’t simply tell you “they’re fakes” without even actually checking it… :rolleyes: (