Hunting HP9510i/Sony CRX160 Firmware

I know many of you may have seen this from other forums and such, but I am looking for the firmware for a CD-RW Drive.

The drive is the HP 9510i / Sony CRX160 drive. These two drives really are the same drive with different outward labels on them. I have spent several days hunting for an updated firmware for them and after hitting the manufactures sites, other nationality sites nothing. Sony doesn’t acknowledge that a firmware update exsists and so forth. I have Firmware 1.0e on my HP drive and there is known to be a 1.0g version out that shipped with those Sony/HP drives.

If ANYONE knows how to save a firmware from these drives or knows where that firmware exsists myself and nearly a 100 other users would be eternally gratefull. I know some users who would drive to your house in an armored car to get the firmware so your help is needed.