Hunting for information pays off! I love the internets!

For several months i’ve been looking for a nice cheap dvd recorder to record tv series. Yesterday i found a €99 DVD recorder that can do that for me. It can record from tv channels, playback divx files and even has a usb port to watch jpegs.

After researching i found out i can make it region free : Jay!

After more researching i found new official firmware to enhance disc compatibility: Double Jay!

After even more researching i found Spanish firmware that enhances the video input and adds playback of divx files with seperate subtitles via the usb port! : Triple Jay!

I love the internets! :bow:

What is this DVD recorder?

The Yamada 8400x

Can’t find them in Oz :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a nice recorder:


  • can read almost any sort of disc format
  • divx compatible, even from usb source
  • max 6 hour recording on one dvd+r(w)
  • small size
  • coaxial output as well as 5.1 output for those without dolby decoder sets
  • scart in, video in, dv in
  • easy region free via remote
  • additional firmware for enhanced media compatability
  • cheap


  • looks cheap as well
  • no .srt compatability
  • divx movies bigger than screen
  • only 100%, 150% and 200% zoom, no 75% unfortunately
  • horrible remote
  • slow menu
  • slow response time