Hung up app when playing copied DVD

After making a copy of one of my DVD’s with DVD X Copy Platinum (Not RF version), it plays fine on my home DVD player. I am using Ritek 4X DVD-R. When I try to play it on my Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop, QSI CD/DVDRW SBR-242, the movie starts fine, plays for awhile, and eventually freezes up. Any ideas? I have downloaded the new BIOS for my laptop, and the newest firmware for the drive. It happens using windows media player and when using windvd.

Hi there,

Do other DVD video disks work fine in your laptop (be it originals or backups)? If so, I’d suggest to test if the laptop drive has readability problems on this disc you are trying to use.

Go to and download DVDInfoPro over there. Test the readability of this problimatic DVD and see what happens. If errors occur, it might be that the DVD is of a lower quality, resulting in problems with your laptop drive. If that all is fine, there must be an error in either the contents of the DVD or the playing software…