Hung during burn, bad VOB? or Nero?

Hey, the other day I was trying to make a backup of a dvd using the VOB files on my harddrive. Before, when I opened the VOB files in DVDShrink it reported and error in one of the VOB files. So i opened IFOEDIT, and then removed the bad file, reopened in DVDShrink and all worked fine. So with that assumption i went ahead and opened Nero ( (whatever version is latest) and burned the DVD. I was burning with a NEC3500AG with stock firmware, onto a RITEKG04 dvd. It seemed to go through the process fine and then hung at around 87%, it hung so badly I had to restart my computer in order to get the DVD out.

If you have any bad VOB files, will that cause Nero to hang during the burn process? This happened on another set of VOB files, however, the DVD still worked, and the only problem is that chapter 21 (out of 21) is bad and the DVD in any player stops reading. (disc error). Any ideas?