Humourous Flash files

Started this thread to gather all kinds of humourous Flash movies.

Below I have one already:
I am a cow

This one was new to me, so please don’t shoot me if you knew it already, just reply with links that are new to you…

I love great Flash files…for those quiet moments at work…

These are older and I have seen them before, so these are for collection purposes only:
Dear Penis
Spiderman doing the Las Ketchup song

There are also funny flash and non flash pieces at

Don’t forget

I did like the Radiskull & Devil Doll flash animations…but then the author must have gotten bored/tired with it… and they just got worse and then now nothing new comes out…But the 1st one will always be the best:

“I am the radiskull…and I will kill you one by one.” Radiskull

“one by one!” Devil Doll

dont watch the last one at work or around your family