HUMMM wonder?

Just looked at the board…

and i was wondering…why…oh why would MSN block…findstatus???

after all he posted in EVERY FORUM…my word…dude if you can see this…ONCE is ENOUGH…

findstatus?? MSN messenger???

Oh that was a nasty spammer. He’s been banned.

Not by me btw…

What did his posts say?

Yes, but was he advertising, or asking for help?

Spam looks delicious. It’s been years since I last found a Spam can in a supermarket.

He was advertising, he posted a link to his website that can find if someone put your name (yahoo, msn, icq) in their block list, something like that. You need to enter your yahoo ID etc in the website. I think it’s spam, I think he’s collecting the email addresses. And he was crossposting in 18 different subforums in minutes before the mod got him.

yup, also noticed that but wasn’t able to access the threads, since they were already deleted. The world has gone nuts :frowning:

Even the Earth is more round, the poles moved, and the temperature rised because of the tsunami. No wonder there are so many spammers!

Doesnt sound to bad, anyone with google can find a block checker anyway. Look

Ben :slight_smile: