Humble pestering about subtitles

Hi! I’m just getting into all this, and I submit willfully and with awe to the vast expanse of knowledge available here! : )
Now that I have customarily flattered my betters, I proceed to bother them to wipe my rear for me… I have had some luck encoding various things, converting things, etc. but one issue (and you perhaps have already guessed which one) seems a little complicated to me. I have been encoding and converting files to view on a seperate DVD player which reads data discs, but cannot find the right software or whatever I need to I guess “marry” or somehow permanently combine subtitles with video. Nothing fancy like menus or anything, I just want to stamp the subs right on the video permanently. I need to do this exactly once, so instead of learning for myself like a smart person, here I am pestering. : )
I thank you in advance for any suggestions! :bigsmile:

It’s me again. It’s the next morning and I’m starting to understand what I need to do here… or not… The movie I want to add subs to (not to play on the computer, but on a DVD player) is in AVI, and the subs I want to add are in SRT. I tried a couple of programs that seemed promising, but I think they are just for watching the film with subs on the computer. Is that correct? I’ll keep playing around in the meantime, but as always, thanks in advance for any help! : )


i wish i knew how to help you, but unfortunately i don’t have the information.

with such a polite and patient query though I figure the least i can do is give you a bump in hopes that someone will come along.

sometimes it takes longer than others, but most questions DO get answered on the forum, i promise! in the meantime keep experimenting with stuff! too many people post then sit by the computer rather than try to solve their own problem so kudos to you for that :slight_smile:

Hi, never needed to do this, but we’ll always try to help as reasons says ;). You can use Avi2Dvd or a more involved method as described here (TMPGEnc is old and slow but good quality). These are all freeware utilities (and I’m sure there’s more), a commercial alternative is ConvertXtoDVD (the trial leaves a watermark in the picture). Not sure if their old freeware version DivXtoDVD supports subtitles.

Do you want the subtitles to be permanently displayed as they can be merged into the avi file using Virtualdub.

Thanks very much! :bow:

     It seems like AVI2DVD will work for me, on my way to get it now... But in response to other question, yes it would be totally fine with me if the subs were just merged on permanently, especially if that meant I could leave the video file in avi or mpeg format. I mean, I'm assuming (haven't tried it yet) that AVI2DVD will make a .vob? As I understand it, a .vob is like an .iso for use with DVD media, but I could be wrong as I am absorbing a lot of info very fast, thanks to other people who are into helping folks out!  

    ...gonna go try AVI2DVD now...  :bigsmile: 


Only if your DVD-player can read DivX/XviD files can you keep the avi’s (with subtitles hardcoded into them, as suggested by TimC). As contradictory as it seems, making a DVD out of an AVI will take away a little bit of the quality (sharpness) of the picture. That’s why I mentioned TMPGEnc as an alternative to Avi2Dvd, as it uses a different encoder to convert the video.

VOB isn’t really comparable to ISO (which is a so called “image” file, usually with the contents of a complete CD or DVD). VOB is a video file, like MPEG, but in DVD format. On a DVD Video disc you’ll always see two folders, AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. The first is empty! and the last contains the VOB’s, with their corresponding IFO and BUP files).

Nobody finds their way through this maze in a week’s time! :wink:

Nope, and only VIDEO_TS is necessary.

That’s correct in theory, in practice I haven’t seen any movie DVD’s without the AUDIO_TS folder. Standard applications like DVD Shrink and Nero add it by default as well.