Humble Bundle



Like/have Steam? You should watch out for the Humble Bundles. A couple of dollars can bring you quite a lot of games.

Still 4 days left for the huge Humble Jumbo Bundle 2. And look out for the Pax 10 flash bundle. It also has downloads to freeware DigiPen games.


Already bought several times from them…sometimes you get great deals on older ‘platinums’ and franchises…:iagree:


Just bought Humble Indie Bundle 12 for $10.

Papers Please is a very weird depressing game. But it’s still fun though.


I bought all the old Doom games on some sort of ultracheap bundle through Steam, then got the hacks to make it work properly in win7.
Think I paid less then 5 bucks and the hacks are out there for free.
It has a insane hard level that I beat on the first chapter but on the opening for the second there are so many bad guys so far I die almost immediately so maybe I have to redo the first one so I have more health and weapons left or back off a few clicks:bigsmile:
Was certainly fun to play the first game I got for my Tandy 286 with VGA way back when again.