Humax unleashes $399 TiVo DVR with DVD-R/-R/W burner

I just posted the article Humax unleashes $399 TiVo DVR with DVD-R/-R/W burner.

Tuesday May 3, 7:05 am ET
Humax USA Advances DVD
Recorder Category with Introduction of New 40-Hour DVD Recorder with TiVo®
Service The Lowest Priced DVD Recorder with…

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Why can’t Humax just offer 120 or 160 GB model. 40 Gb model seems silly. price difference between 40 gb and 80 gb is not much.

No problem, I buy one and throw away 40 gb and installed 200 gb I bought for 100 dollars.

As a former Humax Tech Rep (I quit) their roadmap includes releasing larger capacity units for more $. The early unit had cooling issues and its all about the money.

Why is many stand alone DVD Records with DVD-RW, not DVD+RW. In Compusa and Best Buy it have plenty supply of DVD+RW but limit supply of DVD-RW and almost no 25 or 50 discs case of DVD-RW. Except for Office Depot, it have 4x DVD-RW which works great with Humax DVD-RW. 20 Minutes to record full disc.