Humax PVR 9200T-to record Sky

Does anyone know if the PVR that is set to recive and record Freeview, is able via scart or any other wayto the Sky+ box have the ability to record Sky?? I would like to know before I buy one, I am paying £36 per month to sky and do not want the movies, if I drop that I still have to pay for the Sky+ setup and ability to use the box, If I can plug in the Humax to the Sat box and record Sky, I could save around £18 per month.

Any one have the answer??

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that you will be able to use the PVR to record anything besides what can be tuned in on Freeview. Most digital terrestrial and satellite receivers with a built in PVR work by simply streaming the incoming MPEG2 channel data to its hard disk, since the data is already encoded in MPEG2 and thus no further encoding process is necessary. However, in order to capture audio and video from an external source such as from a video in port, the PVR will also need to feature an MPEG2 encoder and this is not the case with the Humax from what I have read about.

The only way you will be able to record Sky without a Sky+ box would be to get a dedicated PVR or HDD+DVD recorder combo which feature AV inputs and a built-in MPEG2 encoder. The only drawback here is that you will not be able to watch one Sky channel while recording another, unlike with the Sky+ box. :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply, I am somewhat at a loss, I have a DVD recorder in line and that records fine direct via either a recorded prog or as the prog is running on Sat, its just cost that is a factor here, I object the £36 per month for the movies when we dont watch them, I would have loved to have bought a Humax and plugged that in line via the Sky

  • box, this would be still active as a Sky box without the option to record, I was hopping that the PVR would then record the basic Sky channels, but there you go we cannot all have what we want in life…
    Thanks again!, I will prob but a card for my Laptop and record that way.

The problem here is that the Humax only has a digital tuner, not an ananlogue one and the signal transmitted by the RF and Scart outputs is only analogue, therefore the Humax cannot pick it up.

Any terrestrial PVR with both analogue and digital tuners should be able to perform as a conbined Sky PVR and a DVB recorder, not sure if one exists though.

Same goes for any laptop or normal PC ‘card’, it needs to record analogue signals so a typical digital (DVB-t) TV card will not work.

Only Sky boxes can work because of NDS.