Humax DRT800 3-In-1 DVD recorder with TiVo service

I just posted the article Humax DRT800 3-In-1 DVD recorder with TiVo service.

The new Humax DRT800 3-In-1 DVD recorder with available TiVo service is supposed to make recording TV as easy as using a VCR. Here is a quote to that…

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“My baby’s got a secret” You can’t record Tivo Shows to DVD WHAAAAAT! :frowning:

I don’t know about that, but the damn thing looks like it was designed in 1976. Really ugly. :r

Don’t be so ugly Crabbyappleton!If you only have knew some other Humax products you could see that this is the style line of Humax! In Italy we say “Is not a dress that make a man a monk”, Humax is well known in the world for the quality of it’products!:wink:

You are full of SH1T, read a little more then the headline. The basic reason for this is because when Tivo records a show it does so in a non standard way, only when they added DVD-Rs to some of the Tivos did they change it to be a “dvd format” so when you watch a show from one Tivo on another you are getting a stream of mpeg that is not ready to be burned onto a DVD-R. It requires transcoding to the 720x480 format the DVD requires and they are not going to do that and few are asking for it antway. If you want to record a Tivo show to a DVD then get a Tivo with a DVD-R like um… a Humax DRT800.

Be that as it may in Italy, they may want to re-think their design before trying to sell it in the States…

You can record shows from your TiVo to DVD. What you cannot do, is record shows to DVD that your TiVo gets from another TiVo through the Home Media functionality. Some friends bought this unit this weekend and we did test recordings and it worked great. Very nice quality, and TiVo had no problems recording shows on its HD to DVD.

I’ve had a Pioneer Elite 57-H recorder w/ TiVo for a year and it’s incredible.This is just a cheaper version.The 57-H is a beautiful machine but this is kind of ugly.