Hulu may start charging next year



I just posted the article Hulu may start charging next year.

A News Corp. executive reckons that the days of Hulu’s totally free online TV content will be over, probably starting next year.

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Greed will be their downfall. People will simply shift to other means and other sites if they start charging for many of their shows.


I couldn’t agree more with that statement. The nice thing about Hulu is that access to any number of shows is a great benefit to many that view the content. However, Hulu has many drawbacks as well. How ofter are you able to start watching a season of a show that you have not seen from the 1st show?

That aspect of Hulu drives me nuts! Now if they will offer paid subscribers all the shows of a season for a reasonable fee, then I might do it. Take for example a series that I wanted to watch for FREE that was not available for rent. I could watch the entire season on another site, but Hulu only offered the last 5 shows to watch! Give me a break! They are going to have to provide better than that to get money out of me!


Most services that for from free to paid don’t turn out well. Look what happened to napster.

If you’re whole userbase is there because its free, what do you think they’ll do when they have to pay for it? Go back to something free of course.


Network television shows would remain free, can’t really charge for something that is available for free.

Cable shows that are currently shown on Hulu for free, no one should expect those to remain that way. Currently the only way to see that programming is to pay carrier fees via subscription. I subscribe to TV service, why should I subsidize service to others so they can enjoy content on Hulu?

What Hulu needs to do is link their content with the television providers so that subscribers can access their content for free. Non-subscribers could pay to access the premium content.