Huh what happened to low error count

hail the TY discs but I just got a new patch of TY discs so I was wondering how the compared and did a C1/C2 error check with my plextor premium and plextools laterst version. Burn speed was 40x.

Now I know the the TY discs are good but my last batch of TY discs had at least twice the amount of c1 errors. Did plextor change anything in plextools cause the discs cant be that different from my earier patch I bought 9 months ago. These discs have a white top but the underside looks like my old TY discs.

and yes I am happy with the discs :bow: TY. Still that results is to low in my noob eyes

oh just found this thread with TY discs review… dam… better then pressed CD’s

You can’t compare Plextools results with Kprobe ones. That is a very good scan, C1 averages of 0.2 - 0.8 (with Plextools using the Premium drive) are absolutely normal for this media. I really don’t understand what you are complaining about, that’s a perfect burn. Most pressed discs have higher error rates, just scan them with your Premium and you’ll see.

yeah i just looked through the link i posted above seems normal.
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