Huge Swedish Moose!

I heard this on the radio Friday and thought it was a joke…but guess what those crazy Sweeds are at it again!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - With little to attract tourists, a region in northern Sweden is pinning hope on a truly gargantuan wooden moose.

When completed, the 45-meter (148-foot) tall, 47-meter (155-foot) long moose will have a restaurant in its belly, as well as a concert hall, conference rooms and a shop, project coordinator and local tourism promoter Thorbjorn Holmlund said Thursday.

The monument will be so big that its massive hooves will be firmly planted in two different counties, Vasterbotten and Norrbotten, about 870 kilometers (540 miles) north of Stockholm.

The reason we decided to build a moose is because there is something magnificent about the animal. It’s the king of the forest," said Holmlund.

Residents and officials hope the wooden moose will draw tourists to the region.

Holmlund insisted that the area has a lot worth seeing, but conceded that “it’s in the middle of nowhere, so no one knows about it.”

Some tourists come to the region for whitewater rafting, cave exploring and ironically, moose hunting.

Work on the 60-million-kronor ($9.4 million) project is expected to start within the next few months. It is being funded by a local foundation and private donations.


I can just see it now…Airy tries to shoot said moose only to realize that its made of wood and not the real deal…

Take a tour of the moose.


Moose Jelly time!

Take one snout of moose … chop into small chunks and put into a baking tin. Bake until boogers ooze out … Remove tin from oven & place in the cold (that’s fridges for the civilised world, or the window sill in Canada) and wait until it goes cold & then wobble it out of the tin.

Slice, eat & throw up.

And if you don’t believe me … ask a remote Canadian :stuck_out_tongue: