HUGE problems with my LiteOn CDRW and DVDRW

My CDs and DVDs burn with CRC errors CONSTANTLY. I have tried everything. Different apps, reformated WinXP, used old and new ASPI drivers… I’ll try anything you guys suggest. God I hope someone can help me this has been going on for months. I have checked IDE connections, jumper settings… I have tried Sony, Memorex, Ritek CDRWs, CDRs, DVDRs. It happens with both drives. Kprobe can show hundreds of errors depending on the amount of data. Audio CD’s stop dead in their tracks (no pun intended) and Data CDs are unable to copy to ANYTHING.

Antec TruePower 330w
AMD Barton 2500+
NF7-S 2.0
512mb RAM

Maxtor 80GB IDE on SATA connection
LiteOn LDW-851S “Primary Master”
LiteOn LTR-??? “Secondary Master” (I forgot the model, it’s 48X though)

Also to note:
IDE devices are showing as SCSI in Device Manager. For example:

a Optical drive showing up as a SCSI deivce is nothig wrong. Thats just how the computer sees it. Reset your Learnt Media using one of the Lite-ON tools, if that doesnt work, flash to a newer firmware and reset the learnt media again. If both dont work, Id say you have a serious hardware issue.

Use native Microsoft IDE drivers. Nvidia IDE drivers can do strange thing with optical devices.

You’re absolutely right. What a pile of crap this NF7-S is. It was top of the line when I bought it brand new. I threw in another Promise ATA100 controller which caused a whole other array of problems, but after updating the firmware and drivers the CD drives started working again! But what you say makes sense, I’m gonna roll back to microsoft ide drivers and I bet everything will be fine.

**** EDIT ****

I spoke too soon. It SEEMED to be working, as in, a few odd problems were now gone (slowness, CDs not being recognized as recordable). However… I just burned a CD using the Standard Dual Channel PCI drivers and Kprobe found THOUSANDS of errors, instead of a few hundred.

Tomorrow I’ll try burning with the Promise card… for now… I’m going to bed. I think I’m close to finding a solution.