Huge Problems with Liteon LTR 32125W@48125W, vs08: flashing LED, wrong write speed


I have really big trouble with my liteon-drive both under WinXP as well as under 2K, Firmware vs08 and latest Adaptec Aspi (4.70) is “properly installed”.

-> First and biggest problem: sometimes, when the burning process is finished, Nero says “invalid SCSI-command, aborted” at the very end of the burning process, and the drives LED is flashing in green until eternity (or until you remove the disc).
However, the CD is readable, no significant increase in C1/C2 using WSES.

The same sometimes happens, when I just insert a disc, the drive LED keeps flashing, until I reinsert the disc. This mainly happens when I forogot to insert a disc, and Nero opens and closes the drive automatically, but it also happens with Feurio sometimes.

-> Next, sometimes I cannot open the drive pressing the frontpannel button, so I go to Nero and select “Open tray” from the menu. The tray opens, but I cannot close it afterwards, neither by pressing the frontpannel button, nor by pressing against the tray softly (it is blocking, really, and I don’t want to break the tray). When I use the Nero-menu to close the tray, the tray closes, but Nero doesn’t react anymore (i.e. hangs)

-> When I burn an Audio CD with Feurio, I select 24x as write speed. This works for the first copy, but when I create a second copy of the same discs, the writer always switches to full (48x) speed instead.

First, I thougt this is a feurio-problem, but it happens with ExactAudioCopy as well (when I press “do so” for the second time).

Please, all owners of this drive, help me. I have the feeling that there is something going very very wrong.

i will give you any further infromation you may need to help.

Thank you a lot in advance.


Try getting a bin of VS08 and reflashing with MTKFLASH 1.55 in DOS.

Maybe the firmware file got corrupted slightly. Just a guess, anyways…

Some of the Liteons dont work well with overclocking i heard this is because some times components in the drive are different from those in the orginal drives. I recommend reflashing your drive to the orignal 32x drive and see if this still happens.