Huge Problems- DVD-LAB PRO...HELP!

Well I’ve gotten past the point of pulling out my hair, after 2 attemps and 14 or-so hours put into an anime DVD that I was trying to author; I have simply given up. So I came to to see if one of the local DVD-gurus could save my soul, mind, and DVD from any further torture.

I have followed various “guides” including one written by the very well respected Doom9 and needless to say, my d4mn DVD still won’t work. I started from the begining getting torrents via BitComet, I then extracted the vid and audio using VDub and then encoded the video using TMPGEnc; where i later brought all of the audio and video into DVD-Lab Pro. After hours (see above) I had what I wanted; a professional looking and sounding DVD with transitions, motion menus, interactive quizzes, and even a slideshow of fanart!

Everything works beautifully until I go to compile everything, everything compiles ok, (no serious errors), but when I go to test my DVD on Nero Player, there are NO menus, the disk auto boots to the middle of the 1st episode! Then when you hit > next, the dvd goes right into another episode. It does this for about 4 episodes (there are SUPPOSED to be 6 on the DVD) and then just errors out! After I compiled the DVD I took a look @ the VIDEO_TS folder and found only some of the files that are supposed to be there (it includes VTS_ 01_1 thru VTS_01_9) and some of those VTS_ files are the size of Okb while others are up to 700,000 kb!

Please someone help me! :sad:

I assume you have bough dvd lab PRO, so please go to the auhtors site and check the great guides there.

That’s a pretty complicated program. You have to have some knowledge of dvd structure to get the most out of it. I can’t claim to have a lot of experience with it, everything i’ve learned is just from experimenting. After days, if not weeks, of of headaches this is what i’ve figured out.Make sure each episode has it’s own vts, 6 episodes=6 vts. Go to ‘connections’ and make sure the arrow from first play leads to the menu. You can then draw arrows from each episode to the next episode so that they play one after another. To do this just right click on the ‘connections’ window and the choose ‘draw connections’. Hopefully this will help with the order of playback issue. I don’t know why some the vts sizes are different, thats beyond my knowledge. It could be you created a movie and added nothing to it, or maybe that’s just the way the dvd was complied. If all else fails maybe you might want to look at GUI for dvdauthor It’s nowhere near as complex as dvdlab but it’s free.