Huge Problem

Alright, well I’ve used AnyDVD/CloneDVD for a long time no, no problems. I have copied a ton of movies successfully and never ran into a problem. I recently made a copy of The Da Vinci Code and it played well in my DVD player, I went to play it in my computer and this screen popped up:

I said oh well, no big deal I will just watch it on my DVD player no worries. Well I went and tried to make a copy of The Groomsmen and I used AnyDVD/CloneDVD, everything ran smoothly, it ejected, (I use Nero for burning) told me to put in blank DVD (the same that I always use, no problems with them) and it burned successfully. I put it in my DVD player, and it didn’t read it, I put it in my PC and it popped up with the same screen as above. Then today I tried to make a copy of Accepted, and same exact thing as The Groomsmen did. It’s really irritating. The DVD is not damaged, it’s not dirty and I don’t know what the bottom two suggestions mean. I have an Asus DVD/CD Reader/Writer. It’s not the DVDs, like I said I have used the same exact ones for over a year now.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

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Suggest posting a copy of the AnyDVD “Summary” page.

Also there is more current up to date version of AnyDVD ( available.


Thanks for the reply.

How can I find the “Summary” report?

I also downloaded DVDShrink, and ripped the DVD files for Accepted onto my computer (while running AnyDVD) and then tried burning (with Nero) and the same thing happened again. I don’t think it’s Nero that is wrong though because I burned a few cds earlier and no problem with those.

Weird, very weird thing happened. To elaborate on my previous post, I used DVDShrink, and last night it didn’t work. I figured I would pop it into my DVD player and check it and see if it works and it did. I popped it into my xbox, and it worked, I popped it into my computer and it worked. That was with the movie Accepted.

I will try doing it with another movie tonight, and see if DVDShrink works again. If it does I might shy away from CloneDVD (I don’t like wasting dvds) as much as I love it. I’ll give another update when I try it.

have anydvd on and pop that original dvd in and there should be a page that pops up. that is the “summary” page.