Huge Problem with my BenQ DVD-R/RW CD-R/RW Dual drive

I purchased a BenQ 8x4x12 and slapped it into my Windows 2000 machine. I was able to burn a DVD-R perfectly fine with WinDVD Creator.

Although when I attempted to burn a plain CD-R, Nero wouldn’t recognize the drive. I tried Discjuggler also with no detection.

The drive is running Firmware version B3BC. When I bought the drive, it had no box. I believe it’s the DW800a model. I tried to do some firmware upgrades to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you looked here,
What is your Nero version?, do you mean the drive is not recogniced or the medium inside the drive. Did you perhaps forgot to choose cd in the box left upperside?

My nero version is, but that’s not the problem.

And yes, I’ve looked at that site. I’ve downloaded multiple firmware upgrades, and the only message I get is that my firmware version isn’t flashable.

The problem is, like I stated before… the drive isn’t being picked up at all. All I get is the “Image Recorder” when I try and choose which recorder to use. The drive is properly installed in windows, and I was able to burn a DVD with it. But when I try and use it as a regular CD BURNER, regardless of what program I use, the drive doesn’t get detected as a CD-R/RW. Any other suggestions?

Do nero version is support your burner at all.

Try to upgrade to latest version

Okay, I’ll try that. Quite strange that DiscJuggler and Nero both don’t detect the drive. When I load up the Nero Info Tool, it tells me that the drive has CD-R/RW capability.

Thanks, the newer version of Nero seems to support the drive. I’ll give it a shot now.

The Nero 5.5.x.x series software is old and doesn’t support BenQ DVD drives.

See BenQ Recorder Support by Nero Version.

You will need to upgrade to Nero 6 to find support for your drive.

If you are using an old version of DiscJuggler, this may also be responsible for your drive not being recognized.

The firmware page suggests that your drive in a BenQ 822 drive, based on the current B3BC firmware. Since your firmware is a bit old, you might want to upgrade it.

If I were you I’d avoid the very latest B3KC; it’s the one that supports +R, -R, and double-layer discs in the same firmware. It would seem that there wasn’t enough room in the firmware to properly support all of this, so it’s my feeling that the firmware was compromised to accomodate it.

Firmware B3IC is an excellent choice for +R and some -R media. B3JCY is a bit different in that it allows you to switch between two modes “+R and -R” or “+R and double layer” mode of operation. I’ve found the “+R and double layer mode” to provide the best +R burns for me - even thought I don’t burn any double layer media.

In my opinion -R support is poor in the 822 and should generally be avoided.

I used Nero 5.5 all the time for my BenQ 822 burns without any issues. Some claimed that it might cause problems when burning “-R” media, but my “-R” problems persisted even when I upgraded to Nero 6.

I did get great +R burns with Nero 5.5 and the 822 though.