Huge piracy raid in Scotland nabs owner of the Jolly Rodger

I just posted the article Huge piracy raid in Scotland nabs owner of the Jolly Rodger.

 This is  just another in the series of coordinated law enforcement raids designed to  knock the wheels out from under the black market. Not only did the police shut  down the Jolly Rodger, they...
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They probabaly did tip off the police. In England and Scotland we have a law that says that you can’t profit from any crime, so if the papers or TV channel knew of a crime, they can’t report it until the police make a statement about it. The way around it is that the police will give them permission to get the story out fast, as long as they get a “head start” on the criminals, say a day for newspapers and a few hours with TV…

It’s ‘cajones’:p!

Not sure if this is old hat or what, the guy in question was done a couple of years ago and was sentenced to 18mths time (He had previous from down south) All the quotes are from when he was done 2 years ago, yes the papers did alert the authorities after running a big spread in the paper (Sunday Mail)

poor stevie he’s a guy with a good sence of humour going back to jail to be someone’s bitch:)