Huge PI Error Spikes at the end of SONY16D1 (MIM)

On SONY16D1 media that’s made in Malaysia, I’ve found huge PI error spikes at the end of almost every burn. Thus far, I’ve burned at 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X, 16X, 18X, and 20X on both my LiteOn LH-20A1H and LG GSA-H42L.

What’s more, the SONY16D1 media that I have that’s made in Japan doesn’t have these spikes.

Has anyone else encountered this anomaly on SONY16D1 MIM discs or do I have a bad batch?

Your PIE max is still within acceptable limits (280 max). Try switching off the jitter & rescanning as I had some weird results with it switched on in the brief time I owned an LH-20.
What’s a transfer rate test like? That’s also a useful indicator.

Does Sony manufacture these themselves? I.e. do they have a factory in Malaysia?


I think it would be Daxon making it as they have a plant in Malaysia :confused:

That’s not a huge spike. :disagree:

The ECMA standards say that PIE per 8 ECC blocks should be 280 or lower.

I have even burned discs with PIE above 1000 per 8 ECC blocks and the discs were still readable in all my drives. These were just tests and I wouldn’t keep such discs, but it just goes to show that high PIE are not the end of the world. A disc with high PIF is much worse.

That’s not saying that you would necessarily be able to read a disc with PIE max > 1000, but neither is there any guarantee you can read a disc with PIE max < 10 if you try to read it in another drive. The chance of reading the one with the lower PIE is of course better.

I suggest you make a Transfer Rate Test of your disc, in addition to the quality scan, and if the TRT is also good then you have nothing to worry about.

Well, I had exactly the same problem here. I purchased truckloads of 25 packs of the old yellow label SONY8D1 and SONY16D1, and always had a PERFECT flawless Transfer Rate Test curve.

Last month a bought what seemed to be the same 25 pack, but got horrible resuslts at the end of transfer rate test, on ALL medias I burned, and even some read errors. After some scrutinizing, I found out they were made in Malaysia and not in Taiwan, like the old ones I had.

End of story: I returned all the 25 packs I bought, and traded for Taiwan Made ones! Guess what?? No problem with these!!

Bad story: this week i had to purchase more, and bought a 50 pack of so called Made in Taiwan ones, but without any label. Same error at the end of TRT scan…