Huge mp3's



I hope someone can help me

I downloaded two mp3 files of each 80mb

now I want to decode them and record them to a cd. But then i get 1 big audio track.

How can I eassily split that one single .wav file in separate tracks.

I hope ya understand what I mean



I think the easiest way is using CDRWin and making a cuesheet with the track numbers…read the help file of CDRwin for details on how to make one…

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You can use a program like sound forge (which I use)
But there are many Shareware progs which can do the same.
You just select a part of the wave that you want to have as a Track, You copy it and paste like a new wave. Thats it.

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With Cool Edit (Pro) you can select a part of a file and save the selection only to a file…

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Gebruik CDRCue om een wave-bestand in meerdere tracks/indexes in te delen.

Brand daarna de cd met CDRWIN.