HUGE Media Play Price Mistake - 16x 25pk Memorex DVD-/+R, 2 FOR $6!

Just saw this in this week’s Media Play ad, can’t possibly be on purpose. A big “2 for $6” badge next to the DVD-Rs. Totally worth a shot to get a decent media code like RICOHJPNR03.

Some people on SlickDeals have reported taking the ad to other stores to pricematch, to save even more money. Grab the ad and take it down, just incase.

Dude, where(store) is it?

My local Media Play has already corrected it. I might venture out again, and see if anyone will price match. I just got home with a bunch of Best Buy’s +r’s made in Japan. Its funny how sometimes when I am looking, all the MIT are right out front, and if you look behind there’s 2 tubs of MIJ.

I still would not buy that brand even at that price. :disagree:

Memorex 16x DVD+R is often RICOHJPNR03 which is quality stuff.

+Rs could be PHILIPSC16 or CMCMAGM01 or PRODISCR04 or MCC004…it’s such a crapshoot…

You have to closely examine the packaging to get RicohJPNR03… no foam spacers at the top the Ricoh packs right under the paper cover, the box will jiggle up and down when you shake. You may have to peel down the wrapping to see for sure.

see this thread:

Ooh, good to know, thanks!

go play lottery, you might have better chance