HUGE KProbe differences (MMC -R) Pioneer A04 1x



I have only been using Kprobe for a little while and though this might have been covered already, but lemme know what you kind folks think.

The problem I am having is that I get DRASTIC differences in results from K Probe with the same DVD-R’s on the same system, example :

Disc #1 - Verbatim DVD-R (mcc0rg200 1x on Pioneer A04)

Disc #2 - Verbatim DVD-R (mcc0rg200 1x on Pioneer A04)

Now both of these DVD-R’s play (these ones happen to be PS2 games) so the disc location access is sporatic, yet from the graphs, you’d assume that disc #2 would be nearly totally unreadable, and the PS2 laser is a picky laser, it doesnt like to play anything but very high quality burns/discs. I have been unable to find out any patterns or anything, but since I found this oddity, I have been running K Probe on every single Verbatim DVD-R(mcc0rg200) that I have, and a good portion of them are like #2, then a few look just like #1. I have re-run KProbe on several discs, same results each time.

Any ideas? I have been reading up on KProbe, and will in time learn a lot more, but for now, this is a glaring oddity.

Thanks for any help.

  • UnDave


Please read up on saving your scan results (Kprobe tutorial).

It appears that you have some very inconsistant media there.