Huge issues with DVD RW

I’ve got a sony OEM DVD RW which worked fine on win 98 and then stopped working on XP. It always got to 5% on the burn and then came out with “burn failed” error. After loads of looking in to it, updating software, firmware etc it still wouldnt work so we went and got a new liteon drive which was buggered (manufacturing problem!:clap: ) so we got a different drive I can’t remember the name starts with “ex” :doh:

The latest drive also comes out with burn failed error. We have tried a different hard drive, latest software etc to no avail and right now i’m about ready to throw the damn pc out the window!!

Any ideas at all please!?


Sara: Don’t be throwing anything out the window. You will get through this. XP can be a bit of a pain to setup. The good people here will need everything. Make, model, what burn programs, what media. Any logs you can provide. Bk

Well seeing as its not the actual drive with the problem I may aswell go back and try my old one! it’s a Sony OEM (liteon) DW-D22A, we tried nero, media player etc to burn and many different discs including maxell, cheapies, phillips, sony etc. No logs im afraid.

to update… i’ve followed the troubleshooter and not got anywhere.
I managed to uninstall the NVIDIA IDE driver and let XP put its own on, we have tried a different HDD with a fresh install of XP. i’m at my wits end with it! :a

Please help!

Hi Sara.

Can you say what media do you use? Maybe a bad quality disc can explain your problems

Another thing: what PSU do you have? Also an insufficient PSU can give bad burnings

many different discs including maxell, cheapies, phillips, sony etc. Not sure on PSU… it must be ok though cause the sony DVD RW worked fine when we 1st got the pc

Hey Sara :bigsmile:

Maxell and Philips etc. use different manufacturers for their discs - can you download and run DVD Identifier and/or CDSpeed, and give us the Media ID for those discs?

It might help pin down whether it’s the discs at fault!

How can it be the discs at fault when I have tried so many different brands and types? It does the exact same thing on each and every type of disc I have used (gets to 5% and then displays burn failed error message) I don’t know if it makes any difference but I have successfully installed my old CD-R drive in to it on the same IDE cable etc and it worked perfectly :confused:

Different disc’s, different burners, phase of the moon and stars. All connected. If you want help you need to answer the questions put to you and not question them, least not yet. When you were asked for something as easy as a MID code there should have been no debate. They ask for a reason trying to get a grip on what might be wrong. :iagree:

The quickest way to not get answered is question the very people that have been there, done that a million times before.

thought the point of forums like this was to LEARN!? I need to question to actually LEARN to be able work out what is going on surely?!

Would like to add that I felt your post was quite rude to be honest. Questions are needed as are answers!!

I’m just a girl trying get some help and learn about her pc!!

If you burn with Nero it will give you a log which might help us, as the information contained in it is quite detailed.

As bkf points out when asked a specific question by some one trying to help it pays to actually answer that question because there is usually a very good reason for asking.

He’s not being rude at all, but you’re not helping yourself here.

Thanks for the support Tim. I usually don’t bother responding to things like this but in this case I feel compelled to. “How anyone on earth could have interpreted my posts as rude is beyond me” Trying to get a user to specifically spell out the technical aspects of a problem so that it can be looked at and hopefully fixed. To that end im no longer going to comment in this thread. :confused:

Hi bkf :slight_smile:

I agree :iagree: that your post wasn’t rude at all: that’s impossible to solve a problem without have data, and this is what you were asking: more data to solve a problem.

Thank you Geno :flower: Sometimes I walk away from this place just shaking my head. Im not the brightest but im sure willing to help if I can.

Same here, bkf :)…and I’m sure glad you made that post, I was beginning to feel a bit silly myself asking for the MID! :o

Sara: I asked for the MID, because all those brands you mentioned have a tendency to switch manufacterers with the weather (with Sony being a possible exception?). :wink:

@Sony: Not at all … these guys do manufacture their own, but I generally find that Sony manufactured DVD Media is rebadged by other companies, and sony rebadges miscellaneous garbage.


Start->Program files-> Ahead/nero->Nero toolkit->Nero Infotool.
Click the little Disk icon & save the result to the desktop.
Open the file on the desktop and paste it here with the [ code ] [ /code ] tages so we can see your system setup & make suggestions.

Also please ID the media you are trying to burn. Generally the problem with DVDwriters these days is media (since everyone seems to think “Cheap is good” despite all evidence & advice).

This will take you 5 minutes to do.
I’ve just spent 5 minutes tying this, and several minutes reading the above posts.
It’s the least you can do to help yourself.

:bigsmile: Thanks for the quick confirmation there, debro…I always wondered about Sony - always ended up with Sony-made DVDRs, but had one Sony-made (apparently) Datash*te CDR once!

Heh, always learning here!

I think we got one of the real BIG guns on this now. Debro :clap: :iagree: :flower:

What does that say about the rest of us then. :sad: :sad:

Rotflmao. :bigsmile:

It suggests nothing at all :disagree: