Huge increase in transcode times?

I’m seeing a 5 or 6 X increase in the time it takes to transcode video files after upgrading to nero 6.6 suite.

Using nerovision express 2 a file might take 6 min and using nerovision express 3 it now takes 35-40 min.

Am I missing something or is there an issue?

Anyone else seeing this?



[B]“Ditto” !!!

NVE2 = 10 minutes

Problem ???[/B]

I’ve seen an increase too but my A/V synch problems are gone so I don’t mind.

Update on Above:
Reinstalled NVE2 and test a one hour TV Show captured to five MPEGs. It took 25 minutes from Beginning to End.

Retested NVE3 and the same five MPEGs took over two hours from Beginning to End.

Help NERO !!!

The default in version 3 is 2 pass encoding, select more, Video Options, dvd video, and change encoding to 1 pass. Changing quality and sound will make it encode even quicker.