Huge HD content gap in Europe



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We’ve seen growing penetration of HD screens in Europe, but a Screen Digest report also shows a significant ‘HD content gap’. A total of 18% of the 165 million European TV households were equipped…

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Unfortunately here in the Netherlands, the HD broadcasts are limited, discovery, national geographic and sometimes some sports. Not really worth the money yet, but that’s the chicken and egg story all over I guess. I wonder if Germany and the UK which are much bigger have more HD channels?


That is all well and good, but crap is crap weather it be analogue or hi-def. :S


In Germany we have a subscribtion channel “Premiere” which offers two HD Channels. One is Discovery HD and the other is Premiere HD where they show movies, sports and documentaries in HD. The HD package costs around 50 euro per month and you have to pay another 100 euro for the hd-receiver(philips). I must say that together with an HD-LCD it is great to watch the HD-Channels but the price for it is rather high.


too soon to get HD in the UK not enough content yet