Huge file problem

ok here’s the scoop:

I have a 960MB file that i want to put on another computer. I directly connected the 2 comps. and tried to transfer that way, well an hour into it it was only at like 10% so i cancelled.

My question is this:

Would it be possible to use winzip to zip it onto two cds? Would it be like when you do something on two or more floppies?:confused:


you could do a search with google for “file splitter”; with any of that apps, you can chop your file into two 480 mb files, which will both fit on a standard cdrw: burn, merge on comp 2, erease the cdrws and you’re done :slight_smile:

It depends on what the file is for the compression. Certain files compress better than others. If you have a 960mb text file, you could probably compress it to under 200k, as text compresses very well. If you have a movie or picture file, it probably won’t compress at all.

Use winzip and span the file or winrar will do the same, but better.

Do not use Windows own sharing programs (slow) but a nice server. I’ve seen that Serv-U ftp servers are quite fast.